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Mountain Lion

Lobo Outfitters, Mountain Lion

"The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never 

does anything.” 
~ Theodore Roosevelt


Lobo Outfitters, Mountain Lion Hunting

2024 Hunts Booking  Fast!

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(plus license fee)

1 guide/ 1 hunter 

and a good pack of hounds.

5 day hunt.

Some private ranches we hunt will charge additional fees 

 for accommodations and meals.

Lion hunting is a physically challenging, strenuous, and exhilarating experience. Over the years we have had numerous "experiences" that solidify our professional qualifications as lion hunters, as well as make for some great campfire stories.

We have over 20 well-trained and hunted hounds, providing true depth of pack!

Cat Hunts…

We prefer to call them Lion hunts. When the Spanish explorers discovered the “new world” they found an animal very similar to the African – Eurasian lion – same color, same black-tipped tail, and the same spotted kittens. This American Lion is commonly called the Cougar or Mountain lion.

We have hunted this “Cat” in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, British Columbia, and Venezuela, as well as, other cats such as Jaguar, Ocelot, Bobcat, and Lynx.


1985- New Mexico State Record Lion (Now #2)

1998-2001, 2003, 2005-2006 Colorado Outfitters' Association's "Best of Species"

2001- Colorado State Record Lion, which broke a 100-year record set in 1901 

by Theodore Roosevelt

2004-2006 Largest Lion to be entered in Boone and Crockett from the United States during this  3 year record period.

These facts are the result of many years of diligent effort, as well as, our respect for the law, the Lion, the dogs, the land, and the hunter. While killing a truly huge Lion is something to be proud of, it should also be a humbling experience.

The West is seeing a changing demographic regarding Lion hunting: more lions, more general public with dogs, and more outfitters with dogs. Due to the amount of hunting pressure quotas close early. Due to politics our quotas are small. Older Toms throughout the West are harder to find because more hunters are competing for the big ones. Along with this comes the good, the bad, and the ugly.


There are some 3,500 Lions killed in North America each year. There are at least 300 legal outfitters providing legal hunts on this Continent. A person looking to hire an outfitter for a lion hunt will do well to check out the outfitter's ability, longevity, and experience. If on public land, what USFS and BLM permits does the outfitter hold if any? Save yourself the grief that can come from a hunt that is not legal.

More than half of the Lions taken are by the non outfitted general public. Of the approximate 3,500 lions killed only about 15 to 20 are large enough to be entered into the Boone and  Crockett book, annually. So, beware of the outfitter who boasts Boone and Crockett every year, it can easily be proven or disproven.


If you are interested in a Lion hunt by all means contact us. We love to hunt and are in the field with or without a hunter almost every day throughout the winter. We have the credentials and would like to hunt with you.


Lobo Outfitters


After scooping the soft snow from a saucer-shaped depression, Mike spoke quietly, “Feel for the toe imprints. The toes are big and nearly round.  A female would have smaller, more narrow toes. It’s a wide track, too. It sure looks like it’s a big tom. If we can cut the track he made during last night’s hunt, we have a chance.”


It was early in my mountain lion hunt, my first with Lobo Outfitters, and I was determined to absorb Mike’s every word. I wanted it all, not only his thoughts about the track, but everything “outdoors” - hunting, trails, horses, trapping…My questions poured out as we searched for tracks.


During the winters following that lion hunt, Mike and Dick granted me the status of “helper” on their hunts. Given my maximum enthusiasm but minimal talent, I was fortunate to be included. Thankfully, many more years of lion hunting ensued.


In time, the magic of Lobo’s September and October elk camps, with their bugling bulls, entered my life.  In the outdoor world, what could be better! I now have a dozen years of incomparable memories of pursuing rutting bulls with Lobo hunters. These are memories of exhilaration and success, of exhaustion, and, at times, disappointment. I would not trade them for the world.


Looking back, it is difficult to express how grateful I am for the unforgettable time I have had with the Rays.  Sitting against the rocks high on the Continental Divide, horses tied, Dick and I glassed for rams as he shared stories of the early mountain travelers who had explored the peaks and passes long ago. You cannot spend time in the wilderness with Dick without jaw-dropping appreciation for his knowledge of our Rocky Mountains. From the time of the explorers and fur trappers to our current land and wildlife issues, these are things he knows and can bring to life. I also suspect he has ridden more miles of bad, steep trails in the dark of night than almost anyone. Our glassing finished, it was only natural that he would recall a “shorter, old trail” that he “used” to ride for us to bushwhack down the mountain.


I knew one thing instantly that morning in 1990 when Mike cleaned the snow out of the lion track, then asked me to feel it. What I knew was that Mike completely understood what I wanted and needed from my hunt.  He understood and worked tirelessly to make that happen. Taking a big tom lion with him was just the last part of the reward. That’s Lobo!

-Harold [Hunter, Friend, Guide]

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