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Drop Camps



"Life is a great adventure,

accept it with such a spirit"

-Theodore Roosevelt 


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plus license fee

Includes complete tent camp in

Weminuche Wilderness

Horseback in/ out

Game pack out

Drop camps are an unguided, do-it-yourself, drop into the wilderness. 


For $3,000 per person, with a 3 person minimum, we provide a horse to ride in and out of the wilderness, an experienced packer, a fully supplied base camp not including food, transport of up to 100 lbs of gear and food, packing out the game you've taken on a predetermined pack out date.  


The 100 lbs of gear and food must not be bulky, in other words, split it up into smaller containers.  Balance is the name of the game when packing and both sides of the horse must be even.


For $2,000 per person with a three-person minimum, you supply your own camp. One riding horse and one packhorse with a maximum weight of 125lbs per person. We’ll drop you where you want to go in the areas we are permitted. Later we’ll pick you and your game up on a predetermined pack-out date.


No coolers (we can provide soft-sided cooler bags)

No boxes

No bow cases (we provide bow scabbard bags)

No all-shoved-into-one large duffels

No glass

Meat to be packed out must be brought within one mile of camp to a designated horse trail.


If we have to go out of our way to retrieve your game animal, we will charge $200 per hour during the retrieving process. Keep in mind horses can not always go where man can go.

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